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Logan Health – Whitefish Private or Self Pay Process associated with Patient Business Services

Standardize acceptable payment arrangements for individuals unable to pay estimated uninsured balances in full at the time of admission, discharge, or time of service.



  1. Financial Counselors, and or Patient Registration should review current account with patient or guarantor, in addition a review of past due and or bad debt accounts should be performed. Determine the minimum payment arrangement based upon available resources. 

  2. Payment arrangements are as follows:

    • $500 3 monthly payments
    • $501 - $1000 5 monthly payments
    • $1001 - $5000 12 monthly payments
    • $5000 24 monthly payments
  3. The Financial Counselor or Extended Business Office should obtain a promissory note and confidential financial statement from all patients who arrange to pay the minimum monthly payments for longer than 12 months.

  4. Once the account has been placed with the Extended Business Office and balance of account at Logan Health – Whitefish is zero, LHW staff should contact the Extended Business Office for review of account before payment arrangement can be made.

  5. Extended Business Office will contact patient and mail a Final Notice if patient or guarantor has 2 missed payments (not necessarily in consecutive order).

  6. If the patient's financial resources are not sufficient for minimum payments; explore alternative sources with the patient, i.e. Charity Care, Medicaid, bank loan.